Don't take our word for it, take theirs.

20th of June,
Reference letter for Parker Placement.
Eight weeks ago I got in touch with Anne and her staff from Parker Placements and received the best customer experience possible.
These ladies are friendly, understanding, highly motivated and they do give the best advice to assist one in pursuing your ideal career.
Their Professional Resume Templates are out of this world and with the various options one can really find the one that suits your personal needs and taste, never mind the fact that these templates are so user friendly and well-articulated. I received a Job Offer after my CV was picked up by a Company on Pnet , and I met with the Director of the Company. To pay a R150-00 for the Resume Template was totally worth the cost.
They also provide you with video  tips and hints on what to say and what not to say during your Interview and this really helps one in preparing.
The hit rate on application I have had since using their template are phenomenal and I can only but recommend them to anyone who feels they need to take the next step in evolving their career.
Choose Parker Placements as this will be one of the best investment you can make by far
Yours sincerely.
Ernie Green,
Sales Representative
Torre Parts & Components
Email: ernie.green8652@gmail.com