Whether you have one employee or a hundred, we can administer and manage your entire payroll function.

From the monthly payment of salaries or weekly wages, to the submission of your PAYE returns and your IRP 5 reconciliation, we can assist from handling the entire process to handling just the part of it that you wish to delegate. It has been our experience that it is often the smallest of payrolls that are the most neglected.

No payroll is too small to be managed properly and in the most tax efficient way. If you are not compliant in terms of the law, the number of employees on your payroll is irrelevant.

Our full payroll service includes employment contracts, your registration for Workman’s Compensation, the payment of your levies in this regard as well as a comprehensive advisory service that will ensure that you stay on the right side of the two biggies in labour law – The Basic Conditions of Employment Act and the Labour Relations Act. In this case, procedure is nine tenths of the law, and employing staff should not be more costly than the monthly salary bill.

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